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Living in Belize

Good Friday Fun


A few of us went to Holy Cross for Good Friday Services today. They had a good turn out and everyone was enjoying themselves, especially the kids. They got to sing the songs they had been practicing all week during the service. Afterwards they got busy making crafts and having story time. The volunteer group from Raleigh is sure helped make these kids Easter vacation a good one.

It was a nice day walking to and from the school, we went part way on town and part way on the beach, getting a total of 7027 steps in or 1.99 miles. We did not get as much aerobic activity in today (15 min and 1620 aerobic steps) because we were stopping and starting to look at stuff along the way. We were glad to find island perk open on the way home, most places are closed down here as this is one of the biggest holiday’s. people are not even aloud to sell liquor before 6 pm at night on Good Friday.

Tonight we are going to drop by Wet Willies with Carole, Dick and the gang. They have blues music and Carol said it is pretty good. Drummer Jim has been telling us we should come sometime.

Going to Good Friday Service

Kids playing before service

Bowls cups and spoons Janet brought

Chatting to Kath and Destiny

Waiting for service to start

Destiny wanting a nap

Full house

Cross decorated by the kids

This one loves getting her picture taken

Enjoying the service

Janet receiving her cross

Story time after Service

Kids doing crafts

Girls in dresses on Good Friday

Abraham reading a book

Abraham showing off the crab he just made

Making crafts with pasta shells

Holy Cross School behind the signs – soon there will be a shopping area in front of the school

Crossing the bridge

Walking back to town after Good Friday services

Heading back into town along the beach

Enjoying the walk home

Stopped to say hi and have lemonade at Carole and Dicks on the way home

Lots of pelicans out today

They did stations of the cross through town at 4 am this morning

Last stop on our way home was island Perk – Ran into Drummer Jim – Pedro turned up not long after

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