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Living in Belize

Faces of the Future


These are the faces of the future.

These kids are why benefit from the Faces of the Future cinco de mayo Extravaganza is so important.

These kids appreciate being in school and all that people have done to help enrich their lives.

These kids are enjoying the chance to just be kids.

Today I went to the school with Capt Jeff and his friend. While they were getting the tour I could not help but wander off to see the kids. I went straight for the special ed room. The kids there are always a delight to see. They were having a great time and when I started taking pictures right away they wanted to show me books and puzzles.

Next I headed for the newly built cafeteria. Before that was finished the kids ate in classrooms. The kids were enjoying lunch but that did not stop them from wanting to pose and look at pictures. They love the cameras so much and seeing themselves. Photographing my way out the door I went to catch up with the group for the next part of the tour.

After our walk through San Mateo we were talking by the school and I was ambushed by happy kids, playing and wanting hugs. They are all just so cute.

The kids love the attention

Their faces light up the room

They all love getting their picture taken

Look how cute

This one wanted to keep showing me things

Denvan smiling for the camera – happy to be out of his wheel chair for a bit and in a classroom – his mom enjoyed seeing his eyes light up when he got his picture taken – the boy sitting beside him made sure I did not leave him out

As soon as I hit the cafeteria they stared posing for pictures – Destiny loves being in pictures

The kids were enjoying a nice meal

Thanks to peoples generous donations there are enough plates and the menu has expanded beyond hand held food

Lunch time line up

The kids are being taught sign language and I noticed a lot of them doing hand gestures

Destiny and her friends

Enjoying lunch break

what a cutie

They are a bright bunch of kids

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  1. Anonymous April 20, 2007

    Great work tg–it pulls at the heart strings tosee your pic. Yes I will think about how lucky we are not to have to carry groceries along a plank to our mansion (as compared to what you show)as i now think of it!!

  2. Anonymous April 19, 2007

    I check the site every other day and just love it I really like how it looks after the clean up You are all wonderful

  3. william64 April 19, 2007

    Yep! and ditto!

  4. Anonymous April 18, 2007

    I have tears in my eyes Tacogirl. You are a wonder!


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