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Solar For Schools In Belize

Solar For Schools In Belize 2018

I was very pleased to step away from my desk and play chauffeur for a day last week – Friday Fun. My Kenyon College friends, James Skon, Doug Karl and Robert Alexander were back in Belize doing solar power assessments on schools. Thanks to Carts Belize for their donation. Having wheels was a huge help on the job and I ... Read More »

Marbucks Tiaras and Tea Parties

High Tea

Saturday, October 14 marked the second annual High Tea at Marbucks Coffee House. It was a Raise Me Up fundraising event that gave all the flip-flop wearing island girls an opportunity to go girly showing their best hats, heels and tea dresses and take part in an English style tradition. Though not as many people went for hats this year ... Read More »

Get Sticky for Free to Show Support and Save Wildlife

Harvest Caye

Balance of Nature The British Dictionary definition of the balance of nature is – the stable state in which natural communities of animals and plants exist, maintained by adaptation, competition, and other interactions between members of the communities and their nonliving environment. It is so important for those of us who have the power to change that balance, be extremely cautious ... Read More »

Fabulously Soulful at Mahogany Bay Village and a New Club

Mahogany Bay village

It’s no surprise that “Socialite Sandie” was organizing a crew to go to the Science and Soul Wellness opening at Mahogany Bay Village this past weekend – she is a healthy soulful and big worthy cause supporter. I wanted to accept her invitation to join her and the girls but I knew I really just needed to rest (doing challenging food re-balancing) ... Read More »