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Actualizing a Dream Moving From Colorado to Belize

Travel in Belize

So many people are trying to find their way to paradise and looking at how to make it happen when they retire, or in some cases like mine, earlier. Some come with the intention of buying an already operating business or starting their own while others find their way within the existing work world. This guest post comes from a ... Read More »

“You’re Doing What?” by Rich Henry

beach cocktail

“You’re Doing What?” by Rich Henry Like many others out there, my wife and I have decided that it’s time to hit the road. Belize? Where exactly is that? Somewhere “down there”, one of those countries in the middle. After some research and talking to friends that have either been there (or now live there), we’ve decided that San Pedro ... Read More »

Lisa’s Life Changing First Trip to Ambergris Caye

tropic ait belize

Today’s post was sent in by Lisa Still who made her first trip to Belize this past summer. While here, she felt like she had found her new home. She felt at peace a feeling she had have never experienced before and something she wanted to share with you. I know her words will ring true for many of you ... Read More »

Where to Buy a Cell Phone in San Pedro – a Blog Reader Review

belize shop

Today’s post comes from one of my blog readers who recently lost her phone, it bounced out of her pocket while driving. Not an uncommon thing here, neither is forgetting you had it in your pocket and ending up in the water 🙂  Not wanting to go the traditional route of shopping online and having a phone muled in from ... Read More »

Cerros Ruins in Corozal District

cerros ruins

In Corozal district you can visit Cerros Ruins and Santa Rita. Paul and I were on a Mexico to Belize adventure and had to overnight in Corozal as we missed the last Tropic Air flight. Our cab driver Ravey who had got us in Chetumal and driven us across the border took us to see Santa Rita Maya Ruins on ... Read More »

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