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Living in Belize

Easter Party


Today was the Holy Cross School Easter party. I went up early to help get the prizes ready and hide eggs.

We had all kinds of cool prizes, fancy pencils, spinning tops, super balls, rings, barrettes, bubbles, plastic bugs and more. All the donations people keep sending / bringing are such a help for us to be able to hold parties like this for the kids. We could not do it without your help.

Off we all went across the bridge to hide the eggs. Some were plastic and the rest were hard boiled and decorated with glitter. Cullen, Kath, Francis and I started out then another couple joined us and Paul came shortly after.

The kids came in groups to make it easier, so that we were not totally ambushed and this way they all got to find more eggs. They had baskets that they made with thicker paper and pipe cleaner for the handles. Most of the supplies (and prizes) that the baskets were made of came from the Ambergris message board crew. Thanks again for all your generous donations.

The special ed kids came first they were so happy to do the egg hunt and claim their prizes. Then we were off to hide the eggs for the next group.

Paul was on kite detail and the kids were all excited to take a turn flying it.

We had 3 groups in all. The kids got counting practice as they handed in their eggs to claim prizes. By the time we were done, those hard boiled eggs were a bit worse for ware.

All in all it was a great party and I got my exercise in to boot. Going to the school and back and doing the party, I walked 2.55 miles today or 8993 steps and got 27 minutes of aerobic activity in which = 3120 steps.

If a picture says a thousand words these kids could fill a few books. They are just so bright cute and happy to have some Easter fun.

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  1. Marjorie March 31, 2007

    Thank you for sharing and connecting heart to hear!

  2. Debra March 31, 2007

    What a beautiful place!


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