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Lobster Lunacy – San Pedro Lobsterfest 2011

As always all you can eat Lobster Pizza night at Pedro’s was a big hit.  The bar was packed with pizza lovers, poker players and trivia heads. Gino and the shack shakers kept all the music lovers entertained  under the big tents  outside.

Shout out to Pedro who is away visiting his mom.

Get My San Pedro Scoop Lobster 2011  event coverage.


  1. Agreed – aside from the mouthwatering pizza, you would have loved the people watching.

  2. I sooooo should have been there. The pizza has my mouth watering!

  3. Thanks Darryl – will do.

  4. Loving the Bike

    Have a great time at Lobsterfest this week. Say Hi to Christine (from Texas) if you see her….and tell her not to get too crazy. Enjoy.


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