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Sea Spray

It is still dark outside, I can hear the wind and rain picking up. The latest tracking model shows us good by this afternoon. It already feels like we are in the clear as Ernesto was a very tame storm for us. Will be heading to what I assume will be the last Hurricane Ernesto meeting shortly and feeling very lucky I scored a ride as I am pretty sire cabs would be a slim to none option this morning with curf ...

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Hurricane Evacuation numbers

I am starting to feel like the San Pedro town council conference room is my second home :) The Evacuation numbers for Hurricane Ernesto are in -  632 have left Ambergris Caye by water taxi, 365 by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air 170. All going according to plan. Tropical storm Ernesto is officially cat 1 and tracking  west north west. According to Frank, a hurricane hunter said winds increasing and speed of ...

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Hurricane Ernesto Belize

Since last night a lot of timelines have been set in place.There has been a curfew set from 10:00pm tonight till 10:00am tomorrow morning while the storm passes except for those on duty. No alcohol sales from noon onward.  If you are planning to evacuate from the island the Water taxis will be stopping at noon today. Steve Schulte CEO of Tropic Air, confirmed flights will also be stopping at noon, however i ...

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Hurricane Ernesto

We have a NEMO meeting at 6:00am downtown which meant setting my alarm for 4:40 am - ugh. Managing to get a bit of work done and at least one iced coffee in me before I set out. I did not pre-order a cab so hoping I can find one or hitch a ride when I get to the main road. It is still pitch black out but I can hear the rain, wind and thunder picking up now. When I opened the door to let some fresh air in I ...

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