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Fun things to do in Belize

ghost costume

Halloween has always topped my list for fun things to do in Belize, people go all out for costumes and we always have a great time. Last night we started  a bit late and got to Roadkill bar just in time to have a quick one and head to Pedro’s for the pimp n ho party.  The bell got rung ... Read More »

Lobstermainia pool party at Cowboy Doug’s Grill

I finally got a start on editing the Lobstermania pool party pictures. I was hoping to get further along but I still have to make dinner and get back to town for the Red Cross Community meeting at 7:00pm Town Hall. We had such a great time staying up at Grand Caribe for the party and a few days after. ... Read More »

2012 San Pedro lobsterfest Belize

Flash back to June 23rd the night of the big block party and I am packing my bag, Maureen Tracy and I are all heading up to stay at Grand Caribe Resort afterward and I can’t wait. Cowboy thought it would be easier to start Lobstermaina party from there instead of carting all my party stuff there in the morning. ... Read More »

Neighborhood Watch and Trivia night at Roadkill bar

2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest

Is it just me or is the internet painfully slow this morning? It is taking forever to email phone notes from last night to myself from last nights neighborhood watch meeting.  I guess I should be thankful it is on at all before 9:00am after all the power outs we had last night. We ended our neighborhood watch meeting in ... Read More »

All you can eat pizza

belize music

San Pedro Lobsterfest has been growing steadily since 2007 and so has the All you can eat pizza event. Last night’s all you can eat lobster pizza at Pedro’s Sports Bar was more packed than I have seen it in the past 5 years. There was barely room to move when we arrived, and lots of people outside too. Thankfully ... Read More »

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