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Night Photography Tips

We were all set to do the last poker run of the season and hanging out with the other 'poker players' at Roadkill Bar waiting to be signed in when Leisa realized just how late the poker run was going to last and decided to take a pass. Since I am also an early riser and was feeling in pumpkin mode, I thought it was not a bad idea. As we were driving back up north we caught sight of the blue moon, it was eve ...

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Stormy San Pedro Sunday

Our alarm was set for 6:30 am to be up early for the big day. Upon waking up we knew there was a good chance the fundraiser was not going to happen due to pouring rain, so we both went back to sleep. After waking up and checking my email, I got the following message from Diane Campbell with a request to spread the word - Liberty Event Rain Check - The Liberty Children's Home Bar-B-Q planned for today, 27 Ma ...

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A few Easter weekend events on Ambergris Caye

Easter  is always the busiest weekend of the year in San Pedro. Many families come from mainland Belize to enjoy our beautiful island and if you have not made a reservation yet good luck as places are usually booked up by now. Below are just a few of the many Easter weekend events happening on Ambergris Caye. Walking the beach on Easter Sunday and seeing everyone out having fun is always one of my favorite ...

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March Winds

I told someone not to long ago that I could blog for a month straight just from drafts and my ideas file, that does not include doing anything for anyone else or my to blog email folder. As I write today's post, I am starting to think I could make it 2 months. Today's info has been coming for a while and made top of the to do list, I needed to get it out before month end which is coming all too fast. We hav ...

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