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Self Defense and Can You Go 9 Days Phone-less?

Smart Phone Belize

As many of you know low season is upon us and my $700 128 GB Nexus 6p smart phone recently got stolen by an “Evil Houdini.”  As one friend said after hearing my story, that guy is too good at his job. Thankfully I had 5 great people come to the rescue.  4 of them were willing to mule phones ... Read More »

Have Fun Stay Fit

San Pedro Belize

Belize Fitness In addition to being the title for this write up, Have Fun Stay Fit is also the business name of the great new personal trainers on the island. My friend Sandie told me about them and I was so surprised and very pleased that the price was $10.00 BZD per session. Sara and Greg use a solid combination ... Read More »

Burger Benefit For Valladarez Family

Fire in DFC San Pedro Belize

Destruction by Fire As many of you in San Pedro may know, 34 year old Ricardo Valladarez and his family lost their home and mechanic shop in a devastating fire on December 27, 2015. The Mechanic Shop was Ricardo’s source of income, so it is vital that they rebuild quickly. Burger Benefit If you are in town and do not have ... Read More »

Photographer Heals His Invisible Disability in Belize

Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve Belize

If you ask anyone what their opinion on Belize healthcare is, most would likely start talking about doctors and various medical facilities in the country or lack of. There is a different aspect to consider, I have heard many say that the climate of Belize took away their pain and lessened symptoms in chronic ailments. I have also seen people reduce ... Read More »

White Castle comes to San Pedro and other craziness

Ecologic Divers

Event planning and editing pictures delayed my start on writing this post. I am over the top excited to announce that this years San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade was saved by Aqua Vista Beachfront Suites, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar and Sandbar San Pedro, and Wayos Bar with part sponsorship by 5 others (and more coming on a new flyer soon ) on the ... Read More »

Important Expat Passport Info and low cost Electricity

Belize beach

Passport Information for Citizens from the United States Unfortunately for U.S. Expats the news is not so good. This is the last month you will be able to get extra pages in your passport.  Once you run out of pages you will have to apply for a new passport. As of January 2016 the Embassy in Belmopan will only process brand new ... Read More »

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