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‘Build (me up buttercup’) in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Well, the first thing I want to 'say' is a BIG thank you to tacogirl  aka Laurie Norton for allowing me the opportunity of being her guest blogger. Platitudes out of the way I will now get on with my story! So where do I start? Well, I am British, retired and in my early 60s. My wife is Irish, also retired and much,much younger than me ( my wife took over the post momentarily but I have control of it again) ...

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Belize Webcam

Some pf the San Pedro Poker players have already left for Vegas. tacoboy took the 9:00am Tropic air flight to Belize City international airport. Not long after I got a text saying that his flight from Belize to Miami was delayed till 1pm and he was headed to the airport restaurant for a bite to eat while he waited. Some of you may have caught on that there will soon be a permanent taco cam up and running. I ...

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New Tropic Air Flight Schedule

I have been enjoying the lingering feeling of this morning's downpour, it came down in buckets and made me feel very tranquilo. I am getting the best of weather today, I am going to see a good sunset shortly. Trying to find the song Rave on John Donne and not having much luck. Getting some good downloads today though. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 , Come on by Rhinanna and Hey Soul sister by train. Belize f ...

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Celebrating Independence Day in Belize

This past Wednesday September 21st marked a very important day in the history of Belize - it's 30th Birthday. If you have not yet celebrated Independence day in San Pedro I would put that on your top ten Belize to do list - best parade ever. Here are a few pictures from the annual San Pedro parade, we only caught the very beginning as tacoboy and I were among the 818 Passengers enjoying the Belize flight di ...

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