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Funny how sometimes life forces you to slowdown whether you want to or not. I have been  experiencing a major slowdown on my lap top so I decided to do a bit of organizing and put everything back in the right folders, disc clean up and defrag. 784,611 kb w0rth of deletable bits for c drive and 305, 558kb for d drive - running smoother now. Once I got going I thought it was a good idea to go beyond my desk a ...

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A day with Birthday Boy

I just saw a 19 year old win a million dollars on a game show. Imagine how different any of our lives would be if that had happened to us? I wonder if I would have moved to Belize or would I have landed in a different Tropical location instead. I can say for sure it likely would not have taken me so long to get there. I finished up my work early today so I could do out with Dick and Paula to celebrate his b ...

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Belize time

I never did make it to the beach yesterday, soon as I got to Dick's place to pick him up for a walk it started to rain so we hung out there instead. It is very chilly this morning, enough to be wearing a jacket in the house, I can see how a fireplace could be very handy here at this time of year. I opted for stretching at home and extra hot shower over the pool this morning. I am still working on the piece ...

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New Tropic Air Flight Schedule

I have been enjoying the lingering feeling of this morning's downpour, it came down in buckets and made me feel very tranquilo. I am getting the best of weather today, I am going to see a good sunset shortly. Trying to find the song Rave on John Donne and not having much luck. Getting some good downloads today though. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 , Come on by Rhinanna and Hey Soul sister by train. Belize f ...

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