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The rain did not keep the crowds away from Casa Picasso

It was totally worth going out in the rain the rain last night for Casa Picasso Restaurant season re-opening and birthday celebration. Chef 's Ben, Chap Ross, Lena Ac and Sheldon Baptist cooked up some tasty food in vast quantities, over 600 appetizer bites in two hours. I told Leisa it was better than a wet dream having servers walking around the restaurant continuously feeding you sinfully good and artful ...

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Belize Navidad and boxing day fun

We got to having too much fun on Boxing day that I did not even want to look at the Christmas pictures, I knew there were way to many and my camera was behaving badly that day so I held off till this morning. As usual we had a great time at the Christmas  party, the food keeps getting better every year and Pedro's staff always does an amazing job. Although only 15 out of 60 or so of us decided to play, the ...

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Enjoying Warm Laundry and Pirate’s Treasure

It is very breezy in San Pedro today and I was sure glad to have laundry on my chore list, nothing better than playing with warm sheets on a cold day. My Helena Montana weatherman sent me the picture below to remind me that it is not really cold here and compared to what I see in his office view, that I have to agree. I will say it is cold enough for me to have broken out get my jeans out and be thinking of ...

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Off the menu like list

Sometimes people fall under the impression that bloggers  always like everything and give only rave reviews. Any thoughts on that from those who currently blog? Last night I was on my way home from afternoon meetings and decided that picking up dinner at our neighborhood tostada stand was a much better option than cooking - imagine that :)  There no shortage of  local food options with tasty well priced mea ...

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