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Best birthday EVER

I often get asked for recommends on different things. This time it was Cathy who came to me wanting a Tropic Air tacogirl special and some boat options for her birthday. I sent her Eric's contact info for Uprising tours, he is a great guy and best of all he has music option on his boat. She opted for day-long fishing trip/beach BBQ and sent me the following review and pictures after she and Jeffrey got back ...

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Friday morning Island Style coffee break

We both decided beach time was in order yesterday Friday morning and as luck would have it, Dick ad I had the same errand of getting some important papers printed. So we headed south down our favorite back road and wound our way towards the closest printer option, La Isla Bonita internet and crossed that off  our high priority list. I was feeling very TGIF and officially on Belize time, Dick called it that ...

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Fun things to do in Belize

Halloween has always topped my list for fun things to do in Belize, people go all out for costumes and we always have a great time. Last night we started  a bit late and got to Roadkill bar just in time to have a quick one and head to Pedro's for the pimp n ho party.  The bell got rung twice during the short time we were there and some people were feeling very merry from the jager shots by the time we heade ...

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Weather folklore blue moon

For all you sky watchers, we are about to experience a Blue Moon tomorrow night.   The most common definition of a blue moon out there right now refers to it as the second full moon of a calendar month. I knew there had to be more behind it and Earth Sky science website provided me with the information below. The idea of a Blue Moon as the second full moon in a month stemmed from the March 1946 issue of Sky ...

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