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Bartending 101 – Knowledge is Everything

So far so good for the first day of the Introduction to Bartending 101 course from the Belize Institute of Mixology, only one minor hiccup yesterday. Which is pretty good considering at 4:00am we got a total downpour and I lay in bed enjoying the rain and asking Chac (Maya Rain God) to please make that our one and done for the day. Our hiccup was, a projector that worked the night before when Luis checked i ...

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Unexplainable tech issue and San Pedro Help

Please excuse the big while space where the front page slide show should be on my homepage. Somehow during a recent update and site work it got disabled  and we are trying to figure out why and how to fix it through online support. Unfortunately we realize that if it is a recent update causing the trouble, it may have affected many and we could be somewhere down the line in regards to getting help and a fix ...

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Galen University Belize Fall 2014 schedule

Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, Marketing Research Offered at Galen University By Jonathan Poston Galen University Belize has released its fall 2014 schedule of classes and among them are Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, and Marketing Research. Both of these classes have real world applications for Belizean professionals who want to engage in business in Be ...

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Whirlwind Belize City shopping tour

Did a whirlwind Belize City shopping tour Wednesday and by whirlwind I seriously mean it mean it. 11 places in the span of about 5h - we really  got around. In addition to 4 cabs we still got our exercise in for the day, my movement tracker shows 3.97 miles walked. I was planning to take the 8:00:am flight and due to work and the 9:00am being full, I ended up on the 10 am Tropic Air.That mean the race would ...

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