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On Vacation at El Secreto Resort

11 miles north of San Pedro Town on a spectacular and deserted stretch of beach with white sand and palms you will find El Secreto luxury beachfront resort. I wish I could say we were going on vacation, but it is volunteer work that brings us to this wonderful place.  Over the next 2 days, El Secreto is having 25 staff trained in first aid and making Ambergris Caye a little bit safer. Jermaine, Shirley and ...

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The Jig is up

Yesterday was Cowboy's surprise party and we had to try and keep him out of the way so we could decorate, get the band and the bar set up. It was not long before he started getting suspicious and asking questions, the other day he heard Corry ask Ricardo about the party Tim was throwing for one of his partners and that started the whole thing off. Only Cowboy thought it was for Will who was also having a bi ...

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Night Time Photography

Taking good pictures at night is something I know many of us find difficult. I decided that last nights Blue Moon was a good chance to go do some practice, so I headed out to the resort dock to see what I could come up with. I noticed that things looked a bit grainy through the viewing screen and am not sure if something was off setting wise on my Cannon powershot S5 IS or what. I should have remembered to ...

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Bean Restaurant

I started this post about the same time last night [10:30pm] and other work has kept me so busy I am finally just getting back to it - blogging on Belize time. Never made it home from up north, and am totally enjoying being lost in North Ambergris Caye and working in a different office environment. I had every intention of going south today, had my bags packed and ready this morning but it just never happen ...

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