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Well deserved time off

ambergris belize

Since this was Dicks last weekend before heading back to Turkey for another month I decided to take some time off and just enjoy hanging out. This means I did not snap a single picture of our time spent together [Sorry Janet]. We did have loads of fun though starting with Bingo and barbecue on Friday night at the Lion’s ... Read More »

Knocked myself out

blow up pool toys

It was a fairly lazy day at the taco shack, after cleaning up after dinner party, I ended up having a nap then watching National Treasure in bed with tacoboy. Sometimes a movie in bed is a perfect Sunday thing to d, quiet time it was much needed by both of us as life never seems to slow down. I ... Read More »

Ambergris Caye Weather Watch and the Island Committee

banana beach belize

Tacoboy was checking NOOA this morning and said it looks like tropical depression 5 is heading our way. Currently it is still moving towards towards Puerto Rico, passing Jamaica Monday and Cuba on Tuesday. That is a long way off and anything is subject to change, but due to the path shown it is worth keeping an eye on. Not ... Read More »

You know you have been living in Belize a while when…

riverside belize

Belize Fun Facts – You know you have been living in Belize a while when you catch your self using the word like pirate as a search term while trying to find something in a gmail search. Today I wanted to post just one picture so I set off in search of an image that visually represents why I love ... Read More »

Second 24 h at Banana Beach Resort

belize beach resorts

I finally finished editing all my Banana Beach Resort  pics and along with that comes the write up on our second 24 hours there. You can see pics and write up of our first 24 h on my 2 day getaway at Banana Beach post. The second day of our stay-cation brought us another great sunrise, more fantastic food, different ... Read More »

Almost Stormy

belize weather in may

Judging from the size and color of the storm clouds yesterday as Dick and I left the taco shack, we were expecting to get soaked at the beach. Both of us were waterproofed and excited at the thought of getting soaked in a good downpour. As it turns out we barely got wet.  You just never know what Belize weather ... Read More »

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