Laundry day at the Taco Shack

Had a good morning so far. Another one of my San Mateo pics made it into the San Pedro Daily photo of the day. That makes several days in a row Thanks Jesse. I just finished a load of laundry and I am about to have some lunch and read the local ... Read More »

San Mateo needs help

The issue of the garbage at the school has been causing upset to people recently. I think we are all in agreement that garbage is not healthy and needs to be dealt with. What I do not quite understand is how the San Mateo area which is right behind the school, and where a good number of students come from ... Read More »

Stuff Swap

Last night we held second stuff swap at Pedro’s Sports Bar. There was a big turn out and people brought lot’s of cool stuff to swap. I got a coloring book to bring to the school and march issue of O magazine. Paul got a couple of shirts and a book. I am glad we did not leave with as ... Read More »

Good friday fun

A few of us went to Holy Cross for Good Friday Services today. They had a good turn out and everyone was enjoying themselves, especially the kids. They got to sing the songs they had been practicing all week during the service. Afterwards they got busy making crafts and having story time. The volunteer group from Raleigh is sure helped ... Read More »

Belize Beach Wedding

We went to Carole and Dicks wedding today it was really nice. They had visiting family and local friends in town to share in the happy event, and got Paul and Cindy to film it. The weather was perfect. Pam had offered to host at her place at the Royal Palms which has beach and a pool area so it ... Read More »

Another side of paradise

I went to the school today to take Carol, her mother-in-law Janet and the kids to drop off donations that Janet had collected for Holy Cross. She brought so many wonderful things including big crayons that are easy for small hands to hold, tooth paste & brushes, puzzles, stickers, hand made knit toys by a woman at her church and ... Read More »

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