Altun Ha with Seaduced

I was not sure if it was all the fun we had, the rain on the way home, or the gringos gone wild wearing me out Sunday but after our trip to Altun Ha I needed some quality couch potato time. Coming back to my pc to upload a couple of pics to this post, I now know it was ... Read More »

Gringos Gone Wild at BC’s Beach Bar

Bill Becky and Dcg came by with loads of goodies for us, thanks guys. Both Pauls already got into Lydia’s chocolate.  We dropped Becky off for a haircut with Carole and headed  for BC’s What a great Sunday funday Gringo’s Gone Wild party at BC’s beach bar. We had the best time with our friends, the band was great and ... Read More »

The fun has just begun

For all you folks who wanted to be here this weekend but can’t the fun has started. SJ and Bruce came by to say hello, always nice to see them. Just as they were leaving SS and her friend Donna did a drive by. Will hook up with Bill, Becky, Lydia KC and Laura later tonight at Canucks. I guess ... Read More »

Putting our puzzle together

People do not always give enough credit to their thoughts, as compared to action, in making things happen. We often forget just how important our thoughts really are and how we need to make sure they are a match to our actions and desires. I have been playing to some motivational mp3’s lately to help me get on track towards ... Read More »

Breaded Shrimp yum

Paul and I decided to share an order of breaded shrimp and fried rice from 1&1 Restaurant, one of our favorite cheap chinese food places by the park. While we were waiting for our food we popped over to Fido’s for a bit. Our food was really good tonight and you can’t beat the price $10 bzd. I am watching ... Read More »

Surprising Dick

Live from Dick and Carole’s house… It is not often that something happens earlier that it’s planned time in San Pedro. I got a pop on the coconut phone this aft from Carole that the party was moved forward an hour, Dick decided to get off early tonight because it is his birthday and technically his Friday night too. Carole ... Read More »

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