Rainy Day

I love the feeling of a good solid rainy day. I have been working hard catching up on correspondence this morning and taking pictures of Dick giving Paul a boost as the batter had died. Pedro loaned us his cart this weekend cause he is at Taste of Playa – with all the rain I am so glad we have ... Read More »

Extra busy Day

It doesn’t always matter where you have come from – it matters more where you choose to go. Lots happening today we have a surprise guest arriving on the island this afternoon just in time for the big Launch Party at Banana Beach Resort. Important facebook message from Tanya Tizzle Mejia – I’m trying to get a group of us ... Read More »

All over the map

Lots going on today have 2 meetings in town and one south – luckily we are catching a ride to town as I do not feel like riding my bike. Going to check out A&R while in town and hopefully find a new day timer –  may end up ordering from eBay if I can’t find one here. As promised ... Read More »

And so the Story Goes

Sometimes I think about life in terms of reading a really good book. You just never know what the next chapter holds – often it is filled with interesting changes and strange surprises. I woke up early and managed to catch the last 2 h of coast this morning – very interesting. Guest J. Richard Gott – a professor of ... Read More »

Belize Rental


If you have have interest in San Pedro Belize rentals – this post is for you. Robert who owns a house on our street is renting the upstairs 2bedroom apartment. Location is lagoon side about 1.5 miles south – 2 streets past the sausage factory. I am always interested to see what places are like inside so I decided to ... Read More »

twitter time

Sometimes when I am trying to decide if I want to follow someone on twitter I will check out who they follow to get a better sense of the person. In this case it was Life Magazine – Moby – Fodors and Trip advisor that made me click. Fodors and Trip Advior as our common follow choices. I decided to ... Read More »

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