Fast Moving Clouds

The clouds to the north east this morning were mountainous – Huge and fluffy. I took a few pictures came in to see what they looked like on my lap top went out to take a few more and it had completely changed to blanket looking clouds within 5 minutes. The Weather here in Belize can change so fast it ... Read More »


Question for everyone – Why is it than often when something our way comes that we have been asking for we get all skeptical and start looking for holes when it happens? Been babysitting Molly and Basil since Sunday. Molly has been staying here but we left Basil at home and just go over there to visit him. Took Molly ... Read More »

Belize Luxury at the Phoenix Resort

Flash back to Sunday – We really needed a quiet break from it all and wanted to try somewhere new but not go to far way.  I could not think of a better choice than The Phoenix Resort – a luxury resort within walking distance to downtown San Pedro. Checked in a bit after noon and I was super excited ... Read More »

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

I met Jason on Expat Blog [I think] and he was agreeable doing a guest post – I gave him my email and left it at that. Then one day not to long after I got an email from him and as promised he had  written about a funny experience he has 20 years ago on Caye Caulker. He explained ... Read More »

San Pedro Poker Crawl

Last nights poker crawl was a blast.  We started out at Roadkill – once everyone was signed in and had a drink or two Matt and Robbie got the cards ready and one by one a card was picked for all the crawlers and written down on paper then off we went like a herd of turtles.  Victoria House was ... Read More »

San Pedro Social Club

Tonight was a first for me at one of the well known San Pedro Social Clubs – Wine de Vine on a Friday night. Ann had suggested it would be a good spot to meet up with Susan Carter managing editor of  Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine – this is a great site to check out for anyone who has ... Read More »