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[Not so young] girls in bikinis

3:17pm I had hoped this post would be well on it's way to being done by now - unfortunately I never got the time to sort the pictures till now. I will post a few galleries starting with the first of our outside pictures before the sun took a break and we had to switch to an indoor location. We all had a good laugh when Cindy said 'I hope you were not expecting hot young girls in bikinis.' Neither of us mana ...

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Destination Dangriga

9:00am What a morning I just spent the last 3 h editing pictures and I am not even close to done. I still have finish sorting my Sony Cybershot pics for today's post, unload my Olympus stylus and get Saturdays pool pics and yesterdays bikini shots sorted and edited. Back to sorting pics so I can get them posted and move onto the next thing. 11:00am Half way there on getting pictures up. As you can see we ha ...

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Sunday Getaway

Cindy and I are off to Dangriga on the 7am Tropic Air flight for a photo shoot today. It was an unexpected surprise that came about after the pool yesterday. I am sorting through bikinis and wondering if I should pack my twister game and a frisbee. I still have to steam dresses ugh. Back to packing. Will leave you with a couple of message from SAGA Volunteers SAGA Humane Society would like to give our heart ...

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Super Exciting

Yesterday morning Phil sent Paul a link to, a major poker site he checks as part of his morning routine. The featured  article was - Poker Dispatches: India, Belize, New Zealand, Anhedonia. Right away I knew it was more international press about Bob Bounahra and how he is Big in Belize. Posting a bit of their article, please visit for the full read. As the World Series of ...

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