Ambergris Caye Belize Weather

Paul and I decided to watch the sunrise Sunday morning only he did not quite make it. While I was snapping away taking pics he was curled up with an airline blanket sawing logs on the sun lounger. It turned out to be a gorgeous warm sunny day. March falls in the dry season – even the commonly rainier southern ... Read More »

Mama Vilmas Family Home

Last Sunday when we went for our beach walk I saw Eve and stopped to say hi. She was filling me in a bit more on the the upcoming fundraiser and great work that they are doing to get Mama Vilma’s home up and running. I told Eve if she emailed me the info I would share it with all ... Read More »

What a night

I am sure last nights St Patrick’s Day party at Pedro’s has a few people on Belize time this morning. Great party for people watching and live music – Irish stew was to die for. After 4.5 h sleep I am feeling like a snail – all I can think about is going to the pool and chilling out in ... Read More »

Oceana Belize

Today is going to be crazy busy so trying to get blog crossed off the list asap. Going to pool for 10am and  before  will take Dick a fruit smoothie and likely watch a bit more Japan footage – his back is still out. After that back to work for a bit then I am doing Zac’s veggie stuff  at ... Read More »

Saga monthly Cook-Off – PIZZA!

Been all over the map this morning – can’t wait to get out for a walk. I told Dick I would bring him some soup I was making – chicken with local rice – squash – organic  spinach & cherry  tomatoes. For herbs I used chopped garlic – organic cilantro – celery salt – seat salt pepper – cumin – ... Read More »

Halfway point

Friday marked the halfway point for my 12 class abs challenge for Maureen’s class. I decided I should get Paul to take a few pics this morning to mark my progress. I got a nice surprise – noticed my biceps are kicking in and so are my back muscles. I can tell my abs are  starting to come in but ... Read More »

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