Officially Grounded

When Tim [Invest in Belize] heard I was still feeling tired he kicked my butt to Dr Daniel Gonzales at Ambergris Hope clinic on Laguna Drive to get a check up. I am glad he did as Dr Dan said it is looking strongly like I have a parasite – he put me on meds and said he will adjust ... Read More »

Possible Showers

For all you foodies Hugo is back and he will be cooking up a feast  Friday night 7pm  at Pedro’s Bar.  Hugo will be cooking two paella dishes – yum – 226 3825 for reservations. A bit more about Hugo – he  from Argentina –  has a restaurant in Alicante Spain which his family run and a restaurant in San ... Read More »

How I spent my Super Bowl Sunday

It was a gorgeous hot sunny day today.  We started out with a walk on the beach then progressed to the pool and some backgammon. Cindy had planned to go to pages book store and  for the $1 book sale and I decided to tag along for the ride.  Now Dick and Paul are watching the super bowl. Read More »

Superbowl Half Time Show

I was watching Will I  Am interview on the Gayle King show yesterday and found out that Black Eyed Peas are this years half time show. I am sure they will put on a fantastic high energy show. Super Bowl Sunday also marks a time honored tradition where we get to see the creative – the ok and missed the ... Read More »

Get in Saga cookbook

It is hard to imagine that people are having Belize flights changed due to weather when it is so hot and sunny here on Ambergris Caye. Temp here today is 28c or 81.5f  I am watching Robert cleaning the pool out my window and thinking it it weren’t for work it would be a good day to just lay there ... Read More »

Newer is not always better

Why is it that  some companies feel the need to ‘improve’ things and not give you the option to stick with what was already working fine? Paul already heard my rant on the new coconut phone [msn messenger] and what it did to having email window continuously open in my browser – now I am sharing it with all of ... Read More »

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