Homemade Mosquito Trap

I got a nice email from Jay a reader today and he sent me something that looks like it could be quite useful a simple homemade mosquito trap. The ingredients are pretty simple –  200 ml water – 1 gram of yeast – 50 grams of brown sugar – a 1 liter plastic bottle and black plastic to cover the ... Read More »

Hot Friday

It is a cooker today. I am sitting here waiting for coast to coast to come on in Guam – looking forward to my morning dose of talk radio. It is really coming together together for my road building birthday party Sunday – huge thanks to Jana and CJ who donated 38 lunches for the regular road workers this morning. ... Read More »

The Heart of Nature – Belize

Things are moving right along – Harold [and Gayle Cox]  emailed me wanting to donate $100 usd towards a wheelbarrow and possibly a back support belt. He asked if I could find out of Pedro’s Hotel would allow him to run his card there since they know him from a recent visit – Pedro was all in to help and ... Read More »

You are all invited…

If you somehow have not seen my facebook invitation I am putting it here too. FB was acting up when I was making it and I am pretty sure people either did not get it or got it more than once. The first donation from items off Eric’s list has come in. I got a pm this morning saying two ... Read More »

Who is Forrest Jones?

I was excited when Forrest agreed to do a spotlight. He is a very interesting person and I knew what he had to say would be good reading and was looking forward to learning more about him. Feel free to leave comment for Forrest and say hi. What’s your claim to fame? Being able to listen to both sides of ... Read More »

Athens Gate

As we continue on the Resort crawl our next stop is Athens Gate – which is a few minutes north of Pelican Reef and still in the 3 miles south range.  It is just as nice as Pelican Reef but in a different way – who ever decorated this one likes stripes and interesting prints. I like how both places ... Read More »