Belize History in the Making

This is a very interesting and important time in the history of Ambergris Caye and Belize –  last night Heather Cathy and I literally ‘shot the shit’ and had a great brainstorming session. They told me all about their day and by the end of our chat  we had filled in a couple of new puzzle pieces for Direct Abundance ... Read More »

Volunteer Vacation

Heather and Cathy two of the Direct Abundance girls are back and following the ever popular trend of voluntourism by taking a fabulous tropical vacation and volunteering while here. According to a poll conducted by Condé Nast Traveler and MS-NBC – only fourteen percent of Americans have taken a volunteer holiday, but fifty-five percent say they would like to. After ... Read More »

Susan Carter – Carib Pro

As I mentioned in last Friday’s post about  Wine de Vine wine night I met Susan Carter Manager of  Carib Pro. I found her very interesting and asked if she would like a Spotlight on tacogirl – not only did she graciously agree she returned my  questions super fast. What’s your claim to fame? I doubt that I have a ... Read More »

Back it up

I am behind at backing up my computer due to not being ready to take the time to organize it all. I kept getting the feeling of not letting it sit to long so my perfect solution – chuck it all on my 16 gig flash drive for now and then at least it is there till I have time ... Read More »

Fast Moving Clouds

The clouds to the north east this morning were mountainous – Huge and fluffy. I took a few pictures came in to see what they looked like on my lap top went out to take a few more and it had completely changed to blanket looking clouds within 5 minutes. The Weather here in Belize can change so fast it ... Read More »


Question for everyone – Why is it than often when something our way comes that we have been asking for we get all skeptical and start looking for holes when it happens? Been babysitting Molly and Basil since Sunday. Molly has been staying here but we left Basil at home and just go over there to visit him. Took Molly ... Read More »