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Today we have fall weather here in San Pedro Belize. It is 80.8f or 27c and it feels cooler because the sun is hiding behind a blanket of clouds and the wind is howling, The upside is that it is still warm enough for shorts and no socks. I have added a new Belize blog to my blog roll – ... Read More »

Riding Around Town

I was not sure about going to the pool yesterday as it was seeming a bit cool. Dick popped me on the coconut phone and suggested an errand run to town. Since I had a few things to cross off my list I thought that was a good idea. We rode bikes to Boca Del Rio and all around town ... Read More »

Cost of Living in Belize Follow Up

Tuesday Morning Market at the Lagoon

Thanks to everyone who has been responding to yesterdays cost of living in Belize post.  I have great follow up for you that I got from Leona. She detailed her families personal experiences  in regards to grocery shopping and other useful things you will want to know in regards to cost of living in San Pedro Belize.  She also makes ... Read More »

Cost of Living in Belize


This post goes out to everyone who is working out living the Belize dream in their own way. It is my biggest comparison shopping post ever, 8 places in total – Caye Caulker Belize – Playa Del Carmen Mexico – San Ignacio Belize – San Pedro Online Grocery –  San Pedro Belize  – Prescott Arizona – Houston Texas – and ... Read More »

Dessert-Inspired Smart Marketing

I saw a commercial for Extra Dessert Delights Key Lime pie gum and it made me want to instantly try it – now that is good marketing. I say that because I do not like chewing gum  and my reason is that it makes me hungry. Which is funny because Wrigley’s did a benefits of chewing study and one of ... Read More »

Sleepless in San Pedro

I hate it when I can’t sleep. It is 4:00am Thursday morning – I was not planning to blog today but since I am up and working I figured I may as well get started on Friday’s post. Have to rush off to the pool now though I am dreading the water being cold today as it has been blanket ... Read More »

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