How to Kill Mosquitoes

My routine of checking this mornings email turned into a full blown blog post – Thanks to Jay. Hey TG, here’s another one to add to your mosquito trap that I sent to you last year.  It sounds as tho if everyone on the island would buy a bottle of Listerine and make a trap, you could eliminate all of ... Read More »

Ambergris Caye trip review

tropical belize

A great Ambergris Caye trip review from a very interesting and fun couple who have been coming here 5 years. We are back home after another fantastic 3+ weeks in San Pedro. We have made some great friends and connections. The people we have come in contact with in San Pedro over the last 5 years have really impacted our ... Read More »

What makes Living in Belize The Right Choice Part III

What makes Living in Belize The Right Choice Part III In Part I and Part II , my last blog posts outlined all of the reasons why I decided to move to Belize. This final blog is the conclusion of those reasons: Cost of Living – One of the main reasons I wanted to move from the U.S. was due ... Read More »

Sunday Beach Time

We had a big beach day yesterday – started out at  Estel’s them moved onto  Colin and Laura’s for a swim and finished off at Exotic Caye home of Crazy Canucks Sunday Jam. It was a fun afternoon – we got to watch coconut Leo climb the tree upside down which was a first for me. Sandy went awol and ... Read More »

Clothing Explosion

It looked like TJ Max exploded on Pedro’s pool table last night. Everyone scored well at the stuff swap – and peoples take home piles grew fast. I was happy to clear out a good amount of stuff and only took one thing home. Lara was pleased to see a top she had donated at a previous swap made it ... Read More »

2 Wins in 1 day

I have been meaning to blog  ball hockey for a while now and travelqueen turned out to be the motivation I needed to get there. I have to admit I am not a huge hockey fan but I did have a good time watching the game and chatting with the other spectators. tacoboy scored 4 goals – and we joked ... Read More »

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