Seafood Guide for Fishing in Belize

This post goes out to Capt Jeff and Bill 2 good friends that got me interested in fishing. They are both conscientious fishers and always make sure to throw back what should not be taken – be it wrong kind or too small size that ends up on the hook. Between the two of them I, have shared many fun ... Read More »

Oscar Swag Bags 2011

It was cool to read that Among items actors at this weekend’s Academy Awards will receive a $12,000 trip on a private island in Belize with a private houseman and the option to snorkel with sharks – electronic cigarettes with Swarovski crystals and other fabulous things in their 2011  Oscar Swag Bags.  The Toronto Sun. Thanks To Mary for sending ... Read More »

Trivia Smack Down

Forrest was our guest Trivia quiz master Thursday night at Pedro’s Bar and he sure made us put our thinking caps on. You know the questions are hard when people are scoring a 3 or 4 of 10.The bonus round was all famous arches and we had to name the country and city in which they were located – we ... Read More »

My Lucky Day

Apparently I just won a big wack of cash 400,000 pounds whoo hoo. I was told because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet – confidentiality should be accorded at all times and that I am expected to keep the news of my winning and my ticket number to myself until I have received my prize money. Got to ... Read More »

Make Some Noise

Interested in trying something new? How about learning  traditional African drumming techniques and rhythms. Zac has taught for over ten years in Canada and is now sharing his drumming experience here in Belize.  These classes will be held from time to time on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm  at Ak’Bol. Zac and Kirsten would Love to see you there and build ... Read More »

Mathieu’s Delicatessen

For those of you who want to try something new for Breakfast in Belize Mathieu’s Delicatessen is a good way to go. They do eggs any style with cheese or bacon or ham – bread basket of various breads with peanut butter/ jelly/jam – granola with fruit – apple cinnamon bread – apple cinnamon french toast – cinnamon rolls – ... Read More »

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