Trivia Night Pedro’s Hotel

We had a riot yesterday heckling each other at weekly trivia night at Pedro’s Hotel. Cindy decided to make it a private party in the poker room so the British soldiers could keep on partying at the bar.We lost to a good team  and managed to beat the roadkillers. Shout out to Helda hope you guys are having a great time ... Read More »

Lobsterfest Update

What a day it feels like we have been there and back again several times over. Answering emails – trying to get this post done -and  sort today’s pictures before trivia at Pedro’s tonight. Good news Paul – Rebecca – RLD and I met yesterday about San Pedro Lobsterfest 2011. It was good to talk and find out what the ... Read More »

San Mateo Update

Oops somehow this posted and it should not have as there was no text added yet – which made a bunch of miscellaneous code show up on front page. Truth be told I know how it happened I was in desperate need of lunch so I went to go float in the pool with the girls and eat my burger ... Read More »

Whirlwind day

Yesterday was a total whirlwind. Before Heather and I were finished our breakfast we were both already off to the rat race. She was rushing off to the school with Maureen and Tracy and I had to go shoot some pics of a 1 bedroom apt coming up for rent [will post details on that soon] After doing apartment pictures ... Read More »

Preparation mode

There is always lots to do before company comes. Cleaning – laundry – groceries blowing up the new toys for the pool. Heather arrives today on the 12:40 Tropic Air and hurricane Jo gets in tomorrow same time. They have both been so excited all week – lots of chatting on the coconut phone. Heavy rain woke me up this ... Read More »

Spotlight Sharon Hiebing

I am overdue for a Spotlight and I decided since many of you who read this share the same dream of moving to a new country and starting  new life – I decided to feature someone who has done just that. I know you wear a few hats – in your words who is Sharon Hiebing? Sharon Hiebing is the ... Read More »

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