We finally got some much needed rain yesterday. In the morning we had a heavy quick shower – I found out at the pool it was only in our area. At 4:40am I was woken up by another 5 min blast – hopefully the rain covered more of the island. All the plants in our garden look nice and clean ... Read More »

Top 10 San Pedro Belize Images – AJ Baxter

AJ Baxter is a name that is coming up more frequently in my research. After landing on his Picture Belize photo blog recently  I decided to write him and see if he would be interested in pulling a few of his favorite pictures for a tacogirl top ten post. Top 10 Belize Images – Focus on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye ... Read More »

Mayan Princess Party

Mayan Princess Hotel

Princess Party Paul and I sometimes reminisce about how we miss living in town –  everything was so close and easy. We decided to recapture that feeling this weekend and spend a night at The Mayan Princess Hotel. On the way our princess party we both agreed that first order of business was to turn the A/C up and cool ... Read More »

Treasure Island Academy Pirate Party 2011

Big sigh – some how wordpress dashboard has decided to change itself and taken away some well used options such as opening links in a new page. Now I have to go in search to see what code is missing from a past post and see if adding it will work – it did. I told Paul about the issue ... Read More »

Be Kind Belize Burger Party

Be Kind Belize Burger Party at Tacklebox Bar & Grill Be Kind Belize rewards children who have demonstrated kindness and generosity of spirit. On Sunday the 22nd of May, a group of Island Academy students were able to invite a friend and enjoy a fun filled afternoon at Tacklebox Bar & Grill. The kids were not only treated to exciting ... Read More »

Appetizers Cook Off Results

Today is a catch up day for a couple of Saga things that needed to get posted. First off  Ann sent in her Brandi Mermaid and Sushi on Ambergris Caye post so you could all see  a picture of Nyotaimori – Brandi covered in Sushi Sharon’s sushi creations at the the last Saga cook off. Next comes Coleen’s email update ... Read More »

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