Tropical Storm Richard Preparation

9:40 am even though I slept in till 8:00am this morning I feel like it is a busy day. Lara came by for an early visit and now we are back to storm preparations. I am currently filling buckets for flush-able water and making sure everything is charged that can be. Back soon time to get another load of batteries ... Read More »

Wacky Weather

Due to scattered showers – the birthday boat ride surprise party that we were invited to was changed to a potluck at Banana Beach Resort. This is a good reminder to always have a plan B. Been a busy morning between working and cleaning since 6ish. We also got side boards up so we are protected against heavy rain coming ... Read More »

Fuzzy friday

The day is a bit slow moving after Lady Dixie’s party last night – I am sure there are a few girls out there having a fuzzy headed Friday. I bet a few people are feeling the stretch of the twister game too ha ha. I am going to go to Changes in Latitudes an pick up a laundry rack ... Read More »

Morning Breeze

I have been getting a few people privately asking on on the net if it is raining a lot lately. We have not had any rain since Paula bit it is looking like we might get some from invest 19. I have noticed lately too that we have a decent breeze in the morning but by night time the air ... Read More »

Fallish feeling

It is a bit fallish out there today. Enough to get me to turn the hot water on and think about a light long sleeve shirt. Been working on a few long overdue site maintenance things today – updated Tropic Air discount coupon – Media page and Services page. Got a request from Monel for any comic book fans or ... Read More »

The Making of Belize Lifestyles

An Interesting fact about this October. there are 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays This only happens every 823 years… it’s auspicious and lucky chinese dates they consider this to be fengshui money bags and it will bring you good fortune. Sent in by slf. Thanks to rm for debunking what I said above and letting me know it ... Read More »