Schedule Change

I wrote it all out in my notebook and was going to blog how we spent the looooong scheduled San Pedro power outage but after an hour and 2 emails written later – I decided to check one from Dianne and I am glad I did. A few days back she asked me about having a stuff swap because Cherie ... Read More »

He said She said

I am not referring to anything specific when I write this …. If you have ever lived in a small town you know how gossip can be – remember the game telephone? Over our 4.5 years living here we have heard a lot of things from a lot of people and it is important to keep in mind always take ... Read More »

Memory Lane

Yesterday at the pool Gwen mentioned how living here is a lot like camping – how you have to be prepared for anything and can often end up roughing it to some degree. As I was couch surfing last night and watching one of the geckos lives with us crawling across the wall it made me think about what she ... Read More »

Is it worth it? Yes.

We buy box milk here – it tends to last longer and it makes sense for hurricane supplies as well. Box milk at the store around the corner Lala Brand $3.25 Rainbow brand $4.45 we cannot really tell any difference in taste. The benefit to buying Rainbow brand is that they have 2 holes in their spout area so it ... Read More »

Taste of Playa Update

Riviera Maya Gears Up for Second Annual Culinary Event Taste of Playa 2010 Spotlights International Chefs Playa del Carmen, Mexico – September 28, 2010 – Taste of Playa, the Riviera Maya’s international culinary event, has once again attracted the attention of the region’s many talented chefs and restaurateurs. The day-long festival, scheduled for November 21, 2010 in Playa del Carmen’s ... Read More »

Top Ten iFoam texts

A while back I decided to quietly make a top ten best texts from Carbunkle Trumpet in Memphis. Those who know him know what a funny sense of humor he has and his texts often have me lol for real. Carbunkle is not a Top Ten virgin and has submitted 3 other  tacogirl Top Ten lists on San Pedro and ... Read More »