Tropical Storm Matthew

The weather keeps changing it’s mind this morning woke up to rain at 6am – that did not last long and the sun came out. We got up around 7:30 and it started raining again for a short bit now it is a mix of sun clouds and wind – I am sure more rain is not far behind. This ... Read More »

Hurricane Planning tips

First thing I did this morning wad check wunderground and Tropic Storm Matthew is showing as just that now and no yellow bit to indicate cat 1. Second thing I did was go talk to Paul the building care taker as I saw him upstairs boarding teacher Lisa’s windows. He said he will do our side windows later today. Boy ... Read More »

Something in the air

Many people tend to find September a hard month on Ambergris Caye. It is low season and typically some tend to reach the end of their rope so to speak and often develop a short fuse or get a bit stir crazy. For Paul and I right now we both agree the feeling is a bit lack luster. He was ... Read More »

Aquafit North at Ak’ boL

This morning Paul – Molly and I had quite an adventure. We borrowed one of Pedro’s carts and headed north to Maureen’s aquafit class – it was a nice change to do class in a new spot. Molly kept wanting to join us so Paul had to help keep her busy. After class Paul was still working with Kirsten so ... Read More »

Happy 29th Belize

Belize’s Independence Day is September 21 – and the country celebrates big time with red white and blue decorations – street parades – music – dancing and food. Today’s independence day marks Belize’s 29th Birthday – Happy Birthday Belize. Funny to think that I am older than the country I live in. I have gone to the parade every year ... Read More »

I never liked Spam

I never liked canned spam and I feel about the same for email and blog comment spam which is unfortunately on the rise lately. I keep getting the same spam comments on a particular post and it starts out like this…. Why have you taken out my post? It was very beneficial information and i guarantee at least 1 person ... Read More »