Calling all Doctors – Belize Medical

There are a couple things I have been  meaning to post about and just not found the time – so today is the day. First off – Lady Dixie gave me permission to post about some medical fundraising she had been working on. As I read through the emails I got to thinking instead of editing them [as I told ... Read More »

Outdoor Office

Monel and Ruth are back in town – they came in yesterday on the San Pedri Water Jets water taxi from Chetumal. I told Monel I would do my best to make it to aquafit and keep it a surprise for Maureen that he was going to be there.  We all agreed it was a stretched that the pool thermometer ... Read More »

Cayo Children’s Theater

I have been so busy and all over the map this morning it is making my head spin. Can’t wait to take a break and go to a lunch meeting with the guys at Lime Bar – nothing like a classic philly steak sandwich and some brainstorming to set things right. Meeting was productive – we are on target and ... Read More »

New Belize Blog

Every so often Monel in Mexico pops me some trivia to share with you. Here is his latest one for all you chocoholics – Maya people used chocolate beans as currency. Cacao residue (theobromine) was found in several jars in Honduras dated 1100 B.C. This is the earliest evidence of the use of chocolate. There is a cool new blog ... Read More »

Addition and Subtraction

The pictures I posted today are the view from our living room window [also Paul’s office and guest room]. To me the essence of those pictures [kids playing in puddles] is why so many people come here – fall in love and want to adopt a Belize Lifestyle  somehow. For some it may be more frequent vacations or longer stays ... Read More »

Pizza Delivery +1

It’s 7pm and I have been so busy all day that I am just getting around to starting today’s post. Not even got to sorting pics yet and I think the first order of business right now is supreme pizza with bacon from Pedro’s. Paul was there and called me to see if I wanted pizza for dinner – got ... Read More »