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Life in Belize

Learning about the Queen Conch

dianne lawrence san pedro belize

I was invited by Dr. Dianne Lawrence in her capacity as Operations Manager for Strombus Gigas Alliance (SGA), to attend an event at the Garifuna Restaurant and Cultural Center, which used to be the Black and White Bar. Owner Julia Martinez has done a wonderful job of changing the entire atmosphere of the building. Little did I know we would ... Read More »

15 year History of Saga Humane Society

belize humane society

As I was waiting in line at the Post office, I ran into Eileen from our favorite treat shop DandE’s frozen custard. She  asked if I would be willing to share her write up on Saga and their 15 years of community service. Being a huge fan of their work I agreed instantly and here it is for all you ... Read More »

Worried about January weather

Belize Bird

I recently saw a forum post from someone who was worried about January weather in Belize. They were concerned about the forecast, wondering if it was jeans n sweater weather and would they be out of luck on activities. This morning was a prefect example of how the forecast can look bad and be throwing down rain one minute and ... Read More »

I fell off the wagon at Casa Picasso

casa picasso restaurant belize

I knew from the moment I saw Jackie’s facebook post for this weeks Casa Picasso tasting menu that I was at risk for falling off the clean eating wagon. (See her post in italicized text below). Not all of our table did the special menu as it had a couple rounds of seafood on it, but those of us that ... Read More »

San Pedro loves to party

beach new years 2015

It’s no secret San Pedro Loves to Party and celebrating NYE  2015 was super fun. It started out at a private roof top party which was a great place to watch the spectacular 45 minute fireworks show. We also enjoyed watching an annual tradition, Lola’s Pub NYE street party from above. We could see everyone dancing in the street. This ... Read More »

Ocean Academy has a secret

caye caulker belize school

The Secret is a movie Ocean Academy students saw about the Law of Attraction that states that every person has the ability to attract things into their life with thoughts and intentions. Negative thinking and beliefs can attract negativity and thinking positive things all the time can attract positivity into one’s life. They challenged their students to create their own Vision Boards.  You ... Read More »

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