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Belize Weather

Shades of Blue

It was a slalom course riding my beach cruiser to the pool but I made it.  4 of us turned up and for some reason we were color coordinated and all had blue suits on today – after not  doing any class last week we all agreed it was harder. The weather in Belize was almost cold enough to wear my ... Read More »

Hurricane Ida

The weather in Belize is about to change.  Tropical storm Ida has now turned to Hurricane Ida. It does not look like we will get much more than a lot of rain and wind.   We are keeping a close watch as we know how fast Belize weather can change. Heading to town today to get cable turned on and ... Read More »

Hot in San Pedro

San Pedro Weather Today’s weather report… Unless you use air conditioning, have a fan or a good breeze at your place, the San Pedro weather may have you changing your shirt a couple of times today and doubling up on showers. Belize weather is proving to be very hot in September. Often when people come here they talk about the ... Read More »

Hurricane Season Belize

Time to Prepare As time moves on, Belize weather does too.  It’s coming around to hurricane season again so I have started to get all my bits and pieces in order. I made my own first aid kit and used a plastic container that sheets come in to put all the stuff. Although my kit is not  complete it is a ... Read More »

It’s raining it’s pouring

7:34 am Late start this morning but it’s pouring rain and I could not help laying in bed a bit longer. Been raining since about 1:30 am last night. Rainy weather in Belize provides perfect conditions for snoozing in bed 🙂 We both woke up and rushed around checking windows – I forgot my crank radio was outside but luckily ... Read More »

Rain Insane

Belize Weather in January The sky started throwing down rain just as we got to the airport so I could book a spot on the 11:00am flight. After waiting a bit we came up with the idea to head to the bakery as a stop over point between the airport and Perk so waited for the rain to let up ... Read More »

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