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Weekly Trivia

Since Bar trivia is a popular night out here for many, I will go into more detail on that and list a few other options below.

For a small Island, I would say Ambergris Caye has high population of smart people. We have many groups that meet up weekly with the shared interest of claiming bragging rights and decent cash prize 🙂 Three times a week they have the opportunity to test their skills with the trivia hosts quizzing local and tourist teams with random interesting questions about the world we live in. Test your knowledge weekly against fellow trivia buffs at the following local Bars:

  • Sandbar Hostel Monday Night Trivia

7:30 pm. Max 5 to a team and $5 a head. Winning team takes the pot. Cindy will find you teammates if asked. Always a fun and insightful time.

    • Coco Locos Tuesday night Trivia: The only trivia game north of the bridge.  Start time is 7:00pm sharp, there is $5 small buy in, teams can be up to 4 people. Owner Carmen walks around to each table and quietly asks teams questions at the end it is winner take all
    • Crazy Canucks Friday night Trivia: Start time 7:00 but it is wise to get there early to get a good spot as Think and Drink is a popular night and usually packed. 4 people to a team with a $5 buy in. First 3 weeks of the month, 1/2 the proceeds go to Ambergris Caye Elementary School and the last Friday of every month part of the proceeds go to San Pedro Red Cross. Owner Rob does 3 rounds and a bonus speed test one at the end, in between each round the tie breakers have a drinking challenge or the winners get a shot to help keep the game at a level playing field. (their Sunday Jam is also lot’s of fun)

    A sampling of questions from each bar:

    Coco Loco’s:

    1. What is the inflammation of the lining surrounding the lungs called?
    2. What is Spiderman’s alter ego?
    3. What do you call a group of porcupines?
    4. What do you call a small woodwind instrument?

    Crazy Canucks Bonus Rounds:

    1. Name as many  Cities that start with the letter P as you can in 2 minutes.
    2. Name as many Crayola crayon big box colors  as you can in 2 minutes.
    3. Name as many NFL teams as you can in 2 minutes.
    4. Name as many 4 letter words that start with D as you can in 2 minutes.

    All bars listed above have food options and even if you are not a total smartypants, they make trivia a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Come on out meet some new people and have a great time.


    I’m not a singer, but I like to listen when my friends sing and Karaoke in San Pedro is quite popular. Start time for most are between 7:30 and 8:00pm. This schedule also changes depending on high or low tourist season but I’ll do my best to keep it current. These are the more popular places for tourists and last update July 2015

    Sunday: AJ’s; In house DJ & Ali’s Bar with RG’s Entertainment
    Wednesday: Roadkill Bar with Sherri
    Thursday: Ali’s Bar with RG’s Entertainment
    Friday: Pou’s Ceviche Bar with DJ Flex, Pedro’s Pub with RG’s Entertainment, Seahorse bar at Corona Del Mar (6:00 start) & Crazy Canucks (after “Think & Drink”)

    Other Belize night life

    There is always no shortage of places to go and people to meet. Before long you will be easily making friends and seeing familiar people around town. If you want to be on the North Beach, Wayo’s is a great spot in Boca Del Rio as well as Di V’u (on the Wet Willy’s dock). Fido’s is always a popular “in town” spot for live music. Crazy Canucks also has a great Sunday Jam.

    On weekends, it is common to meet at Lola’s or Pedro’s first for a drink and then onto Fido’s to see the band. The night often finishes off with street meat in the park. If you prefer to stay south, Island Time is a great place for entertainment.

    A good thing about Belize nightlife, it is easy to get your vacation party on early and get a good night sleep. Then you can hopefully wake up fresher for your next adventure, unless of  course you got panty rippa’d 😉

    One last fun thing to do that happens once or twice a month depending on the demand, a poker run. $25 buy in and it starts at  Amber Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas Hotel then to Roadkill Bar, Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s Beachside Beernet and finishes at Pedro’s Hotel. Check  their Facebook pages to get info.

    Belize Music

    Tuesday night jam

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