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Belize picture Jewelry

Now you can wear jewelery that reminds you of the magic of Ambergris Caye Belize.

Thanks to the internet and her interest in coming to Ambergris Caye I have teamed up with Sofa City Sweethearts and created a new line of Belize picture jewelry. All Jewelry images are original tacogirl photographs that were taken on the island.

Rings ares made of resin and sterling silver. Ring size is adjustable and setting is approximately the size of a dime.

Round pendants are made of plastic and are approx. 1″ in diameter. Each item is made custom at the time of purchase. Due to the nature of the materials, the finished size may vary slightly. The ball chain (included with purchase) is 17″ in length and contains a lobster claps closure. It is silver plated.

Square silver design necklaces are silver Plated and resin filled- dimensions 3/4″ square. The ball chain (included with purchase) is 17″ in length and contains a lobster claps closure. It is silver plated.

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If you would like to purchase any of these pieces please go to the Belizean Collection on Sofa City Site.

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Tacogirl Product Reviews

Samsung Digital Camera

Samsung Digimax L85

I could write a review but I really don’t know what to say, I’m not very experienced with Cameras  I mean, I love my camera, even though I still don’t really know how to use it properly.  It takes really good pictures with all the presets and that is all I have used.  I don’t even know how to use it for video shots yet and I still have not read the manual except for the few pages I read when we first got them.  I totally love that I can download the pics onto my lap top which shows them for twenty minutes before shutting down.  I especially love taking shots of the sunsets, sunrises and full moons.  Review by Zac. Note: Cindy, Laurie and Peter Jones all bought this camera and love it as well.

Kingston Data TravellerKingston Data Traveler Flash Drive

If you are the kind of person who does not back up your laptop on a regular basis then this is for you. 8 gig Kingston data traveler. Decent amount of storage space – super easy to use to back up your stuff on a weekly basis. Select all files you want saved  – copy them – put on flash drive –  do this weekly. I am getting a second one – decided to use one for all my folders and the other will be all my pdf’s word docs on desk top that are what really needs to be done the most often. They have a 16 gig at a great price too. Review by tacogirl. (I also have everything backed up on an external hard drive but we keep that in the box so it will last longer)

Ipod Shuffle SpeakersiLive Portable Speaker System

Rock on with this portable iPod shuffle speaker. You can’t beat the price and the sound quality is more than good enough for what it is. I take mine anytime anywhere. No more being anti social headphones. Great for the beach – but not waterproof. Also makes a nice bike or golf cart radio. Charge by chord shuffle and speaker at same time on your computer. Can be bought as an iPod shuffle combo pack – also comes in white. Review by tacogirl.

Case Logic Camera Case

Case Logic TBC-3 Camera Bag

Smaller front pocket works great for a lip chap and cleaning cloth. Back pocket perfect for your cell, a couple of business cards and a few dollars. Neck strap can be shortened so camera can be around waist as well for those times you do not want to be so obvious.  Review by tacogirl.


Olympus stylus 1030 sw

I bought my Olympus stylus 1030 sw 10.1 megapixel camera after my first trip to San Pedro. I fell so in love with the island that I felt that a digital uw camera was a small investment that I should make, seeing how frustrated I was with the quality of the point and shoot 35mm disposables.I did look into a housing for my land camera, but they cost as much as my camera, and my mind kept flashing back to a diver I had met who showed me his lovely slr digital camera, floating inside his fancy professional housing. User error was just too great of a risk for my clumsy self.

A year ago when I purchased the camera($400) there was only one other uw digital point and shoot-the Pentax optio. and to  be completely honest I liked the way the Olympus looked, with it’s forest green metal and rugged exterior. I have still not read the actual manual-please take this info into consideration. I have been very pleased with several things about the camera: it’s sturdiness (it lives up to it’s guarantee that it can be dropped a distance of 6 feet and not break), it has many settings, including 3 uw modes and a movie mode! It has produced some pretty amazing and vivid images.

The downside to this camera is the weight of it (about a pound) and the shutter lag is frustrating (I have attempted to help this by using the shoot and select mode, which usually has some focus issues) sometimes the flash reflects of particles in salt water but there does not seem to be a consistent example of this.maybe if i read the manual it would tell me. It is hard to tell exactly what you are taking pictures of sometimes when it is submerged, but I often find myself delightfully surprised with the images and creatures it captures.

I don’t regret buying this camera, but with all the choices out there now, I probably would have chosen the canon uw model because the processor is very fast on my land canon, better than any digital camera I have used (nikon, olympus, sony) Review by Courtney Sage

Solar Crank Radio

Eton AM/FM Solar Crank Radio

What’s not to love – compact – good sound – has a light and needs no power. Must be charged in direct sunlight not through a window. Ac adapter optional – I never got one we have enough sun here. Review by tacogirl.


Pentax Optio W60 Digital Camera

My camera is a Pentax 10 megapixels, 28mm wide  angle lens, 5X optical zoom, waterproof and dustproof. Living in Belize, I have found you really need a camera that is weather protected.  Because of the humidity, it is a must to be waterproof.

My Little camera measures 2″ x 3 3/4″ x 3/4″ thick Fits anywhere  .Because I snorkel ,hike, swim ,canoe, sail ,and cave tube, also take lots of pictures for paintings later, I need a camera that is light and small with all the goodies for perfect shots. The menu is loaded with settings. ex: moving animals, moving kids,  night shots , wide angle stitching together shots, pictures of food, frames around your picture, portraits, landscapes, seascapes, fireworks. dark places, to name a few.It also has many settings for light. I hate it when I take a shot of friends and they look like they are lit up from inside. There are several levels of flash. even cave tubing I found the soft flash let all the details of the cave show.

I have taken several videos, which are clear and non-shakey. Also a feature of the camera. There are fixes built in. Lighting, cropping, all the stuff I usually do in my Photoshop.

I have only touched the surface of this camera, but so far I absolutely love it. Have to leave it home when scuba as the depth for waterproof is only 13 ft. but perfect for snorkeling. I recommend this camera for everyday use no matter where you live. If you have an active lifestyle this camera is terrific.

I purchased it on-line with all extra goodies plus extra battery, memory card(2) cords  etc. for $330, U.S. Cost me $255. BZ for shipping and duty,  well worth every penny! I highly recommend this camera. Review by Linda Mikulich (side note I found kit found on amazon for as low as $249.95 while adding this review to taco shop)

speedo water-weights Aquafit combo set

Maureen our aquafit teacher ordered a bunch of Speedo water weights for our class. I knew as soon as I tried them that this was a must have item. Living in the tropics there is no shortage of water for me to exercise in beyond our class. I looked on Amazon and found this combo pack. You can buy the weights on their own but I chose the combo pack for 2 reasons… I like the belt option as it allows for easy deep water exercise and I also use it when snorkeling – being able to float makes for a much more pleasant experience especially when taking pictures under water. Carole also bought the combo pack for same reason and Cindy ordered just the weights on their own. Review by tacogirl.

olympus stylus1030sw combo-packMy husband bought me the Olympus Stylus 1030SW for my birthday.  I already have a digital camera, so I wasn’t very excited about it.  That is, until I used it!  We have kids and a pool and are frequent travelers, so it has come in very handy!  It takes a little getting used to the settings (I had a Pentax before), and I know there is still a lot more the camera could do, but I just haven’t had time to play around with it.  I like the fact that it has an XD card that holds 800+ pictures (at 10.1 MP), so I don’t have to constantly change cards or delete old pictures in order to take new pictures.

The pictures turn out so well that I haven’t used my old camera since getting this one.  I did notice that while underwater in the ocean, when on the macro underwater setting, a lot of sediment showed up in the pictures.  I was probably too far from the subject to have it on that setting, though, and the ocean was churned up a bit from lots of people in the water.

The camera has done everything it promised to do.  It is small and takes good pictures.  It has been dropped a few times and still works.  I have taken it to around 15 feet underwater, and the pictures turned out great, and it didn’t leak.  I haven’t had it very long, so I don’t know how well the seals hold up.  I believe they recommend replacing them each year, but they seem to really work well now.

The only negative that I have experienced is that I have many pictures where a finger got in the picture.  I don’t know if this is just because this camera is smaller than my others, and my finger isn’t used to the small size, or if the lens is not placed in the most optimal position.  If this is the worst problem that I have, I’ll be very happy! Review by Jenny aka Cakelee

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